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i took a nap. had a dream that i was at this kitchen cleaning and doing stuff with bunch of random people. afterwards we were hanging out. and this one white girl kept looking and smiling at me. and in front of everyone, started hugging me and nibbling my ear and stuff. she asked me if i wanted to go out with her. and i said no i cant, i still like someone. but when im ready i will. and she smiled and hugged me. and said guys are cute. and i said dont trust guys unless they are being complete honest with you. later i woke up and felt strangely sad and happy. i felt nice cuz it feels nice to be wanted and needed by someone. this dream was one of a kind. i never had a dream like this before. 



my life is going to be a bit darker and colder from now on. time to fuckin grow up… 


GRE practice score

wowww i have a lot of work to do. i scored 149 on math and 147 on verbal. what i need is at 160 in each to be competitive. i got immense work to do. >:P

things to do tmrw:

straight up GRE prep:

-Problem Solving Basics Workshop

-Quantitative Comparison Basics Workshop

-GRE Premier: Chapter 10 

-GRE Quiz Bank: 10 questions, all math topics, medium difficulty, untimed

-Math 2 preview

-Math Workbook: Chapter 6

i better get a perfect score in math cuz this is ridonkulous.



i hate this stage of my hair. really messy looking yet still short. i look like a clown :’( im really going to style my hair nicely once it grows out. i dont care if i look a pretty boy. cuz theres a soldier, prince, and wolf inside me. :D


awesome day

for some reason, my mood was awesome. was late to work. :P but it was awesome. i called over 60 people on the phone; yes i actually counted on paper. i got to call clare after work; HI JOSEPH! haha. listened to awesome music on my way home. 

realized i had that asian swag boy, nice christian boy, and weird loner boy inside me on my way home. it was like a party in my head. haha. yea sometimes im just awesome like that. :D

thank you God for this awesome day. i keep wishing that i could go on a road trip with jieun and clare. dont know if its possible at this point, but not going to let that hope die! >:D

going to go on a jog with esther and kristie, dinner, then GRE math. leggo! vrooooom! :D

Nanakorobi yaoki.

Nanakorobi yaoki.

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